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Zex N2O Accessories - Safety Blowdown Tube UNIVERSAL

Brand: Zex | Category: Nitrous Accessories
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
82099 Safety Blow Down Kit
Fits all Valves
82110 Safety Blow Down Kit
Internal Thread Style Valve
82111 Safety Blow Down Kit
External Thread Style Valve
82345 Pro Safety Blow Down Kit
82112 Nitrous Blow Down Tube
NS6693 Blow Off Burst Disc Gasket

Product Description

The ZEX Safety Blowdown Kit ensures maximum safety for your nitrous powered hot rod. If your bottle is ever over-filled or over-heated and the pressure safety disk bursts, the dangerous over-pressure will safely vent to the outside of the vehicle. All racetracks require these blow down kits and they are a must for the serious competitor. The ZEX Safety Blow Down Kit is a complete kit that makes installing this important safety item a simple task.

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