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XS Power Batteries - PS Series UNIVERSAL

Brand: XS Power | Category: Batteries
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
PS240A PS240A Battery
Ah 14
CA 240A
MAX Amps 800
RC 15min
Size 6.97 x 3.88 x 5.14in
Weight 11.01lbs
PS320A PS320A Battery
Ah 20
CA 320A
MAX Amps 1000
RC 28min
Size 7.13 x 6.57 x 3.03in
Weight 15.42lbs
PS550A PS550A Battery
Ah 28
CA 550A
MAX Amps 2000
RC 55min
Size 6.5 x 4.92 x 6.93n
Weight 23.54lbs
PS725A PS725A Battery
Ah 44
CA 725A
MAX Amps 2600
RC 80min
Size 7.8 x 6.69 x 6.54n
Weight 33.26lbs

Product Description

With the continuous upgrades being make to off-road side x side(UTV) vehicles and Cruiser motorcycles XS Power has decided that now would be a great time to give the masses more XS power for these applications. Stereos, Amps, Lights, Winches, GPS, you name it and it’s is being added to the most popular side x sides and Cruiser bikes on the market today, but when you add all these accessories you need a battery with enough power to keep it all going and lets face the stock battery is just not enough. The NEW XS Power PS550A, PS320A and PS240A are made specifically for powersports applications, have a 2 yr warranty. From a decked out RZR to a completely custom bagger the NEW PS550A will easily support any accessories you want to throw at it or if for your light weight race buggy to your stripped down Sportster the PS320A will start you every time and help you drop some pounds and for everything thing in between we have the PS240A. Battery case size and specs are specific to each vehicle, so if you are not sure which battery is right for you feel free to contact us.

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