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HKS Blowoff Valve Components UNIVERSAL

Brand: HKS | Category: Blow Off Valves (BOV)


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1404-SA004 Super SQV Universal Pipe
Size 50mm x 150mm (L)
1422-SA001 Super SQV Special Fin, SF100-P
Color Purple
1422-SA002 Super SQV Special Fin, SF120-G
Color Gold
91731-065100 SSQV O-Ring
1410-SA008 Super SQV Vacuum Filter
71002-AK003 Super SQV Return Nipple
Size 19mm
71002-AK004 Super SQV Return Nipple
Size 29mm
71002-AK008 Super SQV Flange, 40 Degree
Size 35mm
71002-AK011 Super SQV Flange, Stainless Steel
Size 50mm
71002-AK012 Super SQV Flange, Stainless Steel
Size 65mm
71002-AK013 Super SQV Flange, Aluminum
Size 60mm
G09912-K00020-00 SSQV C-Clip, Supercedes PN 91711-009100
Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
71002-AK016 Super SQV O-Ring & C-Ring Set

Product Description

Miscellaneous HKS Blowoff valve hardware such as gaskets, O-Rings, C-Clips, valve diaphragms and mounting tubes complement the seamless integration and function of all HKS Blowoff Valves. Additionally, HKS offers replacement Inserts and Mounting solutions including Mounting Pipes and Flanges.

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