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Rigid Marine Lights - Q Series UNIVERSAL

Brand: Rigid Industries | Category: Lighting


24521 Marine Q Series
Optics Spot
54511 Marine Q2 Series
Optics Wide
24511 Marine Q Series
Optics Flood
54531 Marine Q2 Series
Optics Driving
54551 Marine Q2 Series
Optics 60 Deg Diffused
24561 Marine Q Series
Optics Spot/Down Diffused
54561 Marine Q2 Series
Optics Driving/Down Diffused
24551 Marine Q Series
Optics 60 Deg Diffused
24571 Marine Q Series
Optics Flood/Down Diffused
54581 Marine Q2 Series
Optics Driving/Hyperspot
545313 Marine Q Series
Finish White
Optics Driving
545513 Marine Q Series
Finish White
Optics Diffused - Driving
545613 Marine Q Series
Finish White
Optics Driving/Down Diffused
545813 Marine Q Series
Finish White
Optics Driving / Hyperspot Combo

Product Description

A combination of 4 Dually / D2 optics into one large sturdy housing with a vibration isolator and 304 stainless bracket included. The size specifications are as followed Height 6.79”, Width 6.75” and the Depth 3.42”. For use in a heavy duty commercial environment for Agriculture, Fire and Rescue, Commercial truck, Marine, Off-Road and Power Sports. Q-Series covers also include a 50% forward projecting and 50% area light option to project the light where and how you really need it. Designed specifically to function in any environment and withstand any abuse. These LED Lights are big, bright, and heavy duty!

Driving Pattern (Driving) – Our engineering team designed the Driving version of our Specter optics system to project light not only far, but also wide. This light utilizes a narrow, oval-shaped reflector that projects both spot and flood beam patterns. Rather than a conical beam, this technology creates an oblong beam that maintains a bright center hot spot, as well as incredible horizontal dispersion.

20º Flood Pattern (Flood) – The Flood version of our Hybrid optics system is a great option if you’re looking for a good area light. While offering just over half the distance of the Spot version, the Flood provides twice the area coverage. The Flood is perfect for those looking for an area light at an affordable price.

10º Spot Pattern (Spot) – The Spot version of our Hybrid optics system projects light over great distances in a concentrated beam. It’s the most powerful spot-style LED light in the industry. This light is perfect for high speeds or any situation where you need extreme distance. The Spot offers a wider beam with less waste than the competition. While maintaing higher center intensity than any other system available.

Diffusion Lens (Driving) – Perfect for scene or area lighting, our diffusion lens was specifically engineered to project light at a 60º flood pattern. Combine that with our patented optics and you have the best LED flood light in the industry. Like our standard lens, the diffusion lens is made from optically clear, unbreakable polycarbonate plastic.

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