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Race Ramps Restyler Magna Ramps UNIVERSAL

Brand: Race Ramps | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
RR-RESTYLE-16 16" Restyler Ramp Assembly
Height 14in
Length 225in
Weight (Each) 285lbs
Width 16in
RR-RESTYLE-20 20" Restyler Ramp Assembly
Height 14in
Length 225in
Weight (Each) 320lbs
Width 20in

Product Description

Safely and easily lift your vehicle up 14″ for vinyl wrapping, displays, or maintenance with our Restyler Magna Ramps. Featuring an angle of approach of 10.36 degrees, the ramp system is available in a 16″ width (for tire up to 14″ wide) and a 20″ width (for tires up to 18″ wide). The system accommodates wheelbases from 82″ to 128″. Each Restyler Ramp is considered of five interlocking pieces that combined weigh only 110 lbs., with no one piece weighing more than 40 lbs. Once the car is safely on the blocks, the center “bridge” piece can be removed from each side for easier access underneath the car or for use as a bench or “step stool” for more convenient access to the whole vehicle. The incline portion can also be removed for greater access around the car. The ramp system has a total weight capacity of 6,000 lbs.

The 16″ option comes in both red and black. All variations include steel strips built into the ramp for directly holding magnetic tools and/or a magnetic tray/shelf.

The Restyler Ramps (ten pieces between the two ramps) come with one pair of inclines. For either width, an additional set of inclines is available that will interlock to the front of the ramp system and enable a vehicle to smoothly drive up and down both ends. This convenient and portable setup is great for use in a shop as well as when you’re on-the-go to other job locations. Watch all these great features in action in the video to the left by Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute.

If you’re working with cars really low to the ground, the optional Xtenders will decrease your angle of approach to only 6.8 degrees, allowing you to work on the lowest of cars without crunching the nose or high centering on the rockers.

Restyler Ramps are 100% solid, made with a high-density expanded polystyren that is coated with a hybrid polyurea. This patented process results in a product that is extremely lightweight, yet strong and durable. The ramps will not slide, scratch, or otherwise damage any type of floor.

  • Full-length 14” lift for vinyl wrapping, displays, or maintenance
  • 82” to 128” adjustable wheelbase
  • Five modular sections per ramp, no piece more than 40 lbs.
  • 16” or 20” ramp width options
  • Available in black or red
  • Set of two

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