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Password JDM Wiring - Distributor Jumper Harness UNIVERSAL

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PWWDI-HON-12 Plug n' Play Distributor Jumper Harness
PWWDI-HON-21 Plug n' Play Distributor Jumper Harness
For OBD2 to ODB1Conversion

Product Description

Perfect for swaps!

Introducing the new Password:JDM Distributor Jumper Harness is a must for anyone who going through major drama doing a swap.

Since we’ve all been able to take Hondas to a whole new level in performance simply by doing a motorswap, life isn’t quite so simple at times. Perfect motor, perfect chassis, and nothing wires up in the engine bay. We’ve all been there, done that… for some of us, it has been a daily routine and it sucks! The new Password:JDM Distributor Jumper Harness can take away some of the pain. It gives you the capability of running an OBD2 Distributor with an OBD1 engine loom and vice versa. Imagine not having to cut, spice, or rewire a distributor ever again.

Made of quality OE style plugs and encased within a nylon mesh flex loom, this Distributor Jumper Harness is about as easy as it gets for motor swaps. We came up with these because we hear people complaining about how to rewire distributors all day. Saves you about 2 hrs worth of painful wiring and looks super clean. Why would you wanna mess with shit like that when we’ve come up with a total plug n’ play solution for you? Mess up on one of the wires and your distributor and Fuel Management system can be fried. Don’t take a chance on burning up an ECU, grab this Password:JDM Distributor Jumper Harness and not worry about it.

Password:JDM will always come up with innovative products to make your life easier and your car looking that much cleaner. Like all the products we manufacture, everything is pretty much purpose driven. This product is no different. Your continued support for PWJDM is why we do the things we do.


  • OBD1 Distributor to OBD2 Engine Harness
  • OBD2 Distributor to OBD1 Engine Harness

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