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JIC Universal Muffler - DE Type 1 SUS UNIVERSAL

Brand: JIC Magic | Category: Universal Mufflers
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D60-120-89SU DE Type 1 SUS Muffler
Size 60-120-89.1mm
D60-140-101SU DE Type 1 SUS Muffler
Size 60-140-101.6mm
D80-140-101SU DE Type 1 SUS Muffler
Size 80-140-101.6mm
D80-160-114SU DE Type 1 SUS Muffler
Size 80-160-114.3mm

Product Description

JIC exhaust systems have proven worthy on Japanese racing circuits and are now ready to make an impact stateside. Rigorous testing and tuning ensure you experience the smoothest sounding and best performing exhaust system for spirited driving. Whether you drift, autocross, or road race — JIC exhaust systems are designed for enthusiasts looking for that JDM style, status, and performance. All JIC exhaust systems are made in Japan.

The JIC Universal DE Type 1 canisters feature the same muffler N1-inspired design found on JIC’s infamous Bullet DE Type 1 exhaust systems. These universal canister mufflers are perfect for those requiring a custom fabricated exhaust system. Works well with turbocharged or normally aspirated engines. Includes stainless steel muffler hangers, weld-on flange, and removable silencer.

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