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JIC Suspension Accessories

Brand: JIC Magic | Category: Coilover Systems

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Product Description

  • Adjustment Wrench – These adjustment wrenches for all JIC Coilovers. There are two different types. One type for FLT-A1 / FLT-A2 and for the SF-1 / SA-1. Please specify when ordering. Comes with two wrenches per set.
  • Upper Spring Seat – Upper Spring Seat for JIC Coilovers.
  • Lower Spring Seat – Lower Spring Seat for the FLT-A2, FLT-A1, SF-1, and SA-1. Please specify which coilovers you have when ordering.
  • Lower Lock Spring Seat – Lower lock spring seat for coilovers. Please specify type of coilovers it is for.
  • Bump Stopper Rubber – High quality bump stop rubber that protects dampers from bottoming out. Please specify what height it is. Sold individually.
  • Helper Spring Kit – These high quality helper spring kits for your JIC Coilovers will allow your vehicle to have more of a progressive spring feel to the suspension and to allow your suspension to give more rebound and bump stroke. Ideal for vehicles that are equipped with high spring rates that want to occasionally drive on the street with a comfortable feel. Kit comes with two helper springs and two spring adapters.
  • Dampening Adjustable Knob – Dampening adjustable knobs come in various sizes. Please contact us to see which one will suit your coilover kit. Sold individually.

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