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JIC Coilover System - FLT-FAS Series

Brand: JIC Magic | Category: Coilover Systems

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Product Description

JIC FLT-FAS Twin Tube Coilovers are now 10 way dampening adjustable. Featuring cool bend linear springs, pillow ball upper mount*, adjustable camber plate, and durable twin tube dampers, giving sporty handling while maintaining excellent ride quality


  • Adjustment Dial – 15-way adjustable damper for precise control at the track and for adjusting comfort level.
  • Pillowball Upper Mount – Adjustable camber plate also included for most vehicle front applications with Macpherson Strut suspension systems. Some applications may come with a rubber bushing uppermount (depends on vehicle design).
  • Dust Boot – Dust Boots are Essential to maintaining the life of a damper, dramatically improving the lifespan by protecting it from the elements. Dust Boots come standard on all JIC Coilovers.
  • Spring – Linear rate springs manufactured using chrome silicon metal alloy with cool bend process, giving the spring strong tensile strength, while offering precision down to 10/1000th of a kilogram.
  • Locking Spring Seat – Made out of durable and light weight alloy, manufactured using machining process, with a bolt lock to ensure the spring is secure.
  • Adjustment Zone – Adjustable ride height ranging from 0.5” to 2.5”.
  • Twintube Damper – The twin tube damper offers 10 way adjustability, while giving sporty handling while maintaining excellent ride quality.
  • Bracket Lock Seat – Made out of durable and light weight alloy, manufactured using machining process.
  • Lower Bracket – Designed to be more durable than the factory brackets, they are independent from the spring preload which gives full height adjustability without sacrificing the suspension travel and performance.

*Note : JIC FLT-FAS Coilovers come with front camber plate pillow ball uppermount for McPherson strut or rigid bushings for double wishbone/multilink.

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