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Hybrid Racing AC Kit

Brand: Hybrid Racing | Category: Interior Products

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Product Description

The Hybrid Racing AC kit is designed to allow you to keep AC when installing a K series engine into your car. This is the only AC kit designed from the ground up specifically for Kswaps.

We live in the extreme south and its HOT, period. A lot of us drive K swap cars as our daily driver and we were tired of getting all sweaty just driving a few blocks, its not good for us and its not good for the ladies. Do yourself a favor and pick this kit up you will be happy and so will your passenger.

The Hybrid Racing AC Kit is manufactured by a registered QS-9000/ISO company that has provided aluminum and steel tube assemblies to Japanese, American and European automakers since 1976. Each Kit is bent, crimped and brazed utilizing precise measurements and requirements provided by Hybrid Racing.

What does the kit come with?
The AC kit comes with 3 custom AC lines, all necessary wiring, O rings for all lines, and the latest and greatest installation guide!

What parts will I need to keep from my car?
You will need to keep select OEM lines as outlined in the install guide.

Is this system for R134A?
This system is designed around R134A.

What is involved in the wiring?
You will need to hook up the compressor, the fan and a switch for the compressor to kick on and off. The instructions cover this in detail for an easy installation

What belt do I use with this setup?
If you do not plan on keeping PS you will need to purchase an EP3 pulley setup and run an EP3 belt. If you plan on running PS you can use a stock RSX type S belt.

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