44008-AK011 - HKS RS DB Meters

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Part #: 44008-AK011
Notes: Meter Interface Unit
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Product Description

HKS offers the most comprehensive series of meters in engine monitoring systems. Each unit is a precision instrument in monitoring vital engine conditions from boost, oil, and fuel pressure to water, exhaust, and oil temperature, all which are essential for optimal engine tuning. The meters are available in 46mm, 52mm, and 60mm sizes and are offered in 3 different colored face combinations: White face/Black markings, Dark Blue face/White markings, and Silver face/Red markings. The back-lit face and needle provides increased night visibility with a comfortable and non-obtrusive illumination. Both the mechanical and electronic meters share the same matching face design to improve ergonomics and integration of these meters. Constructed of a durable metallic casing, these units have superior craftsmanship and brilliant luster to complement their functionality.

Mechanical Meters

Each mechanical meter incorporates a direct sensor input design for simplicity, reliability and accuracy. Available in 46mm, 52mm, and 60mm, these mechanical units come complete with all necessary sensors and wiring hardware. The new 52mm size gauges are exclusive to the mechanical meters

Electronic Meters

Available in 46mm and 60mm, these electronic counterparts of the mechanical meters are the full-featured versions of the HKS meter series. Each unit is constructed of the same high-impact metallic casing as the mechanical meters. The 46mm electronic meters have a built in warning feature that will illuminate a face mounted L.E.D when an adjustable preset warning level is reached. The linkable 60mm electronic meters also incorporate a peak-hold function and a 30-second playback feature along with a staged warning feature. The advanced 3 stage warning feature, exclusive to HKS Electronic 60mm meters, blinks from orange then to red as the needle gets closer to the preset warning level, it then becomes a solid red when the warning level is reached. The peak hold function will record and allow for later reference of the peak value that has been monitored. The built-in 30-second playback feature records and allows for reference of monitored engine date during a given run. Without any additional hardware, up to 5 of the separate HKS 60mm electronic meters can simultaneous display all peak hold and playback data,

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