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Brandmotion LoftLite LED Interior Light Kit UNIVERSAL

Brand: Brandmotion | Category: Lighting
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
2000-4202 LoftLite Warm LED Interior Lighting Kit
2 Pack
2000-4204 LoftLite Warm LED Interior Lighting Kit
4 Pack

Product Description

Brandmotion LoftLites are now available as ‘soft’ or ‘bright’ white. The high contrast bright white light matches the new contemporary styled lights in new vehicles while the soft white LED’s match the traditional incandescent hue still found on many cars today.

These interior task lights are small in size but big on performance. With their soft or bright concentrated white light stream, the applications are endless. Perhaps you like to read at night as a passenger, and know that the dome lamp doesn’t cut it – for you or the driver. Install one over every seat and add immediate practicality to any vehicle. Or, add two to your tailgate so that you have instant overhead lighting when you lift the gate to retrieve your items. They also make great lower door panel lights to illuminate the ground when you open your door.

Convenient Dual Action
With their four-wire connectors, LoftLites can be wired to any vehicle’s courtesy light system, so they turn on when you open the door. Or, with their convenient push-push activation, you can turn them on when you need them, just by a soft touch to the center of the light.

Built to Last
LoftLites are designed and manufactured by a leading supplier of interior products to the world’s carmakers. They are built to the most stringent automotive quality standards, and are designed to outlast the life of your vehicle.

Available exclusively from Brandmotion.

Key Benefits

  • Add practical concentrated task lighting to multiple locations in your vehicle
  • Great reading lights that won’t disturb the driver
  • Convenient, bright tailgate and trunk illumination
  • Great utility as door panel puddle lights
  • Robustly designed to the highest OEM quality standards
  • A practical modern enhancement to any vehicle

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