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BLE Solid Lifter Conversion Kit

Brand: BLE Engineering | Category: Valvetrain

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Product Description

Each BLE Solid Lifter Conversion Kit replaces the factory hydraulic lifters and comes with all necessary hardware for a straightforward installation. BLE Conversion Kits are perfect for anyone upgrading the factory valvetrain and/or camshafts in their sport compact engine.


  • Made from premium 8620 Aerospace Specialty Steel
  • Manufactured to exact OEM dimensions and work with the factory rocker arms
  • Increased HP & valvetrain control at high RPM
  • Fully adjustable lash- No need for shims (even with reground camshafts)
  • Hardened and treated for maximum durability
  • Black oxide chemically coated for lubricity and anti-galling
  • Controlled lubrication to the rocker arm
  • Eliminates the dreaded “lifter tic”

Product Reviews

Effective, but time consuming!, Saturday, January 21, 2012

Two problems, otherwise overall an effective solution.

A) Of the 8 I had, I had to have 2 machined (albeit very little) to fit into the lifter galleys of a brand new OEM SR head. They weren’t too far off, but don’t think they should’ve needed it if brand new to “OEM” specifications. (A new OEM lifter fit into each w/out trouble, ruling out head warping/machine issues.)

B) Adjusting the rocker arm clearance with these is very, VERY time consuming, thanks in part to their location within the head. Have had trouble with the jam nuts coming loose, so, you’ll have to set it, start and confirm it’s right, then clean them so you can loctite them together. Better measure 8 billion times in the process to make sure you don’t lose those valuable .001s!

Once all that is done, they’re great – no trouble, no issues, save for a little noise when cold (I think, after ~15k, one’s lost the loctite) but unnoticeable when warm.

A viable alternative to other SLC kits… if you’ve got lots of time and another car to tool around in meanwhile.