S1X03G4N2002J - AVO Turboworld TGV Delete

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Part #: S1X03G4N2002J
Notes: Intake Manifold TGV Delete Kit (Side Feed)
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Color Red

All Fitments

Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2005 - 2006 LEGACY GT
H4 2.5 T ALL ALL
2005 - 2006 OUTBACK XT
H4 2.5 T ALL ALL

Product Description

You find a TGV assembly on most modern Subaru models. TGV stands for Tumble Generator Valve, referring to a flapper valve in the TGV assembly that is designed to create a “tumble” effect to the air entering your engine.

That valve is only there for cold start emission standards, which is why TGV valves were not used by Subaru in other countries, such as Japan. For even when the valve is fully open it blocks a good percentage of overall air flow. On a totally stock car it has little impact, but when you upgrade to bigger turbochargers, intercoolers, or exhaust systems, they all need greater airflow. The design of the standard TGV assembly can also make it difficult to install some larger turbochargers to your Subaru.

The AVO TGV Delete is a direct replacements for the entire standard TGV assembly. Not only does it remove the Tumble Generator Valve, it’s also been designed to give more space for larger turbochargers, as you can see in the photo to the left.

It can cause a TGV error code to come up, but that is easily removed with all ECU tuning solutions. There is two different types of TGV Deletes for sidefeed or top-feed injected Subaru models. So make sure you order the right part! We consider this an essential part when building your big- power engine!

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